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Music Equipment

Expertly Powered by Premier Music Collaboration Apps

We use several online tools that allow for real time music making, jamming, remixing, composing, and music editing. Through our apps, we are able to deliver a wide variety of online musical experiences for our Participants

We were recently interviewed by Flat about our use of their app in our music therapy work

Chrome Music Lab_edited_edited.jpg

Chrome Music Lab by Google

A Free App Collection that includes a variety of easy to use music apps. Songmaker is a basic app that introduces the concepts of music making; we can import this to other apps and build on it. Shared-Piano allows for real time jamming over the internet, its like being in the same room with our instruments!

Flat For Education

Allows for true real-time collaboration to compose music in the written "sheet music" format that classically trained musicians use. We can import projects from Chrome Music Lab, Soundtrap, and BandLab, and view them in the classical music format. 


Band Lab

Bandlab is great tool. We can host demo projects and like Sound Trap, BandLab allows for real time modern music making. Bandlab features a powerful sequencer and many great modern musicc making tools.

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