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Virtual Music Therapy Offered Throughout Florida

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Music Therapy lends itself very nicely to online sessions. We can write music, jam in real time, remix music, and listen to nearly any song. We've developed an online system that allows for access to music, equal to or better than an in person session.

We are dedicated to delivering high quality music therapy online. We are putting full effort into further developing our existing online music making tools to empower Florida's youth.

Chrome Music Lab

Banlab for Education allows for real time shared writing and collaboration. Your child will see the therapist's edits in real time, and the therapist will see your child's edits in real time. 

Chrome Music Lab is an excellent app for getting started with music making. It includes shared piano, an App we actually helped develop with Google Creative Labs

BandLab. for Education is a full virtual music production studio that exists online. BandLab allows for production of modern music styles and shared work on one project. 

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